We build "Risk-free" websites

Our aim is to help small Indian businesses experience the power of internet.
If you do not find your website benefiting your business, you can ask for refund.
Read our refund policy for details.

Marketing website

Tell people about your business, about your products or services and discounts, your location etc. Let them contact you through contact form. Get your customers email addresses, launch promotion campaigns and so on. Plus, get more customers by showcasing what your existing customers say about you.

Ecommerce website

Increase your sale by letting people buy your products online. You can upload as many products as you like and your customers can buy them online and also make payments and give reviews. You can receive orders, offer discounts, manage sales records, receive payments directly in your bank account and so on.

Have Questions?

You may have questions, doubts and fears. We have tried to answer a few of them.
"I am not sure if I need a website. What if I spend money on it but it is not effective enough? What are the chances of me losing my money?"
  • A small business needs a website even more than a big business. It is an amazing tool for any small business that wants to attract more customers and increase sales. Websites help businesses grow by increasing their visibility. So yes, if you run a small business, you definitely need a website.

  • The question is not whether you can afford a website but if you can afford to not have one. People use internet for everything, right from shopping online to getting information about businesses like yours. Your customers are online. If you have started a business, you should be where your customer are, because if they do not know about you, they will not come and buy from you.

    Remember, building a website is not an expense but an investment.

  • A website is a very powerful marketing tool. It can turn your small business into a big brand. If you have an online presence, entire world is your market. But still, it is just a tool. Its success depends on how you use it.

    If you want to know how you can use your website for growing your business and getting more clients, we can help you. But if it still doesn't help, you can ask for refund (read below).

  • Website is a marketing tool and marketing takes time. Therefore, we follow a money-back policy (6 months for Online stores and 12 months for marketing websites). So, you will lose nothing" in worst case, if it looks like your website failed to deliver good results, you can ask for refund. Read our Refund Policy to know more.

If your website fails to recover its cost within a specified period, you can ask for refund!
Read our Refund Policy for details.

Have questions? We will be happy to answer.